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HG-Producción is a management program that will help the user to keep up-to-date and in an integrated way the management of his business.

It´s specially thought for product and services firms, although it can be used for other types of businesses in the same way.

Among the characteristics that the program offers, we will find the possibility to be updated with a complete list of clients as well as providers or products. Moreover, and thanks to HG-Producción we will be able to have absolute control over the movements that happen in our warehouse.

Manage any operation related with budgeting, control the expenses that your business produces, make bills and invoices or use the incorporated billing mode to offer a professional solution to the management of your business.

To start HG-Producción we will have to have a username and password. By default, we will be able to access the program using `User´ as a username and leaving the password field blank.

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